Lamar Valley – Yellowstone National Park

Lamar Valley – Yellowstone National Park

This is a travel guide where you get the inside story of finding affordable solutions for your travel to Lamar valley- the Yellowstone National Park. The drive to Yellowstone is the only thing that should worry you. The wildlife crossing across the roads is pretty dangerous, and you should take much care when driving towards and through the park. Be ready for altitude sickness, but this is quite manageable.

Means of Transport to Lamar Valley

Lamar Valley is located in the North-East corner of Yellowstone National Park. The valley ends around the Mammoth Hot Springs in the Tower Roosevelt Area. This is an approximately 29-mile stretch. Airports to Lamar valley have one thing in common: rental car offices near baggage claim. The cars go for different prices depending on your preference. Whether you need a luxury car, a family car, or something economical, you can easily find these when you find the right rental car company for you. is your hook-up to the largest car rental companies on a budget. With this rental company, you get the best car for your price range, and you have an option to return your rental to a different location that is more convenient for you.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

lamar valley
Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

The drive from the airport is quite scenic, and you see wildlife as you make your way to the main site. Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the closest airport. Now the roads are winding, and you will have to take extra caution while driving, especially during the winter.

Lamar Valley - Yellowstone National Park
lamar valley road

The recommended speed limit for this road is 35 mph. I am sure you’re excited to see the wildlife but go slow; you’ll get there.  The route weaves through the Gallatin range, where you can see the Yellowstone River and the Blacktail Deer Plateau. To avoid getting lost, print the directions to the valley before you leave for the park, the network there can be a little shaky, and you don’t want to be stranded in the long stretch.

The Lamar Valley Experience

Lamar Valley is famous for its wildlife viewing. You will see large herds of buffalo, elk, coyotes, grizzlies, bison, bald eagles, among other species, as you drive through the park. The valley is open to tourists all year long, even during crazy winter seasons. The road through Tower Junction is the only one open during all seasons. Once you cross the Yellowstone River, you will start experiencing your greatest wildlife adventure.

lamar valley
Grizzly Bear
lamar valley
Bison in lamar valley
lamar valley

The first stretch of your wildlife experience will begin at the Yellowstone River Bridge and end at the Lamar River Bridge and is where the fun begins. You will see the grey wolves and grizzlies from here. You can even decide to stop at the Yellowstone Picnic Area or the Slough Creek Campground to relax.

Lamar Valley - Yellowstone National Park
Lamar River Bridge

Lamar valley was filled with glaciers in the last ice age, and when they melted, we were left with the beautiful expanse that is the Lamar Valley. This is the valley’s second section and is already something historic to experience; you can even see the Lamar Buffalo ranch as you view the wildlife depending on the season.  You can see the bighorn sheep, lots of bison, and buffalo as you drive through this stretch. The ranch is in the National Register of Historic Places.

The last section of the valley begins from Soda Butte, and this is where Pebble Creek Campground and the Ice Box Canyon are located. You will see incredible towering mountains the closer you get to the Northeast entrance.

Driving to Lamar Valley during the winter

The only place in Yellowstone you can drive during the winter is the stretch from Gardiner to Cooke City. To access the other parts of the park, you can book Yellowstone’s winter tours. I believe the restrictions are due to safety precautions. But, Montana Highway 212 is open, and we are lucky that it goes through Lamar Valley.

Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to find Lamar Valley lodging during the winter. But you can find alternative places nearby. The easiest way to escape the hassle of finding accommodation is by choosing and looking for accommodation through You can do this in advance as you make travel plans and all you have to do is drive to the hotel, and they will be ready for you. Ensure you do this before you make your way to the park. is one of the leading digital travel companies that matches travelers to a myriad of memorable places to stay, from camping grounds to homes, hotels, and other accommodation options. There are so many listings on the site that you will be spoiled for choice. The company also offers 24/7 support, so you can get assisted wherever you are at any time.

Activities to do in Lamar Valley

Other than wildlife watching, which you will need binoculars for, you can do other activities such as fishing along the Lamar River, Hiking through the Lamar Valley Trail, and Camping. The wildlife is best spotted at sunrise and sunset. If you can get to the park during the sunrise, you’re in luck; otherwise, you can go sightseeing as you wait for the sunset.

Lamar Valley - Yellowstone National Park

Lamar River is a mountain river stream and is an excellent spot for cutthroat and rainbow trout fishing. The best fishing season is between June and July, and you will have to get a permit beforehand to fish. The permits aren’t expensive to acquire. To get to the river, park along the road, and you’re good to go.

Lamar Valley - Yellowstone National Park
Fishing in Lamar Valley

The Lamar Valley trail is about 5.3 miles long. If you like the scenes and would love to experience the valley up-close and personal, then hike through the trail. The trailhead is on your way to Lamar Ranger Station. Go camping on the Slough or Pebble Creek. But this is on a first-come, first-served basis.


You will definitely enjoy the travel to and from Yellowstone National Park. It’s an excellent tour to take as a family, and will give you any car to fit the number of visitors you have onboard and strong enough to take the stretch. There are plenty of gas stations on the way too.

Remember to be a careful driver and watch out for wildlife crossing the road. Take plenty of precautions not to spook the wildlife, and most important of all, please book your accommodation beforehand. You will enjoy the scenes better if you’re not worried about finding somewhere to sleep after.

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