Airbnb Hack: 7 Airbnb Hacks To Save Money

Airbnb Hack: 7 Airbnb Hacks To Save Money

In this Airbnb Hack Article, we show the best 7 Airbnb Hacks to save money on accommodation. 

I have spent over 2 years traveling the world and to cut costs I stay at Airbnb apartments. Airbnb properties are often a fraction of what you’d pay for a hotel, especially if you’re renting long term (e.g. a month).

If you haven’t heard of Airbnb, it’s an online booking site where people can rent out their properties. Travelers can simply create an account and browse for properties they would like to stay in.

Overall I have had great experiences with most properties I’ve stayed in. However, if there was a problem that the host couldn’t resolve, Airbnb is usually quite fair in resolving any matters. For example, I’ve had to change accommodation due to a poor internet connection. A good internet connection is absolutely essential for me to work.

Airbnb Hack #1: Get $40 off your first stay

This is probably the best Airbnb Hack if you’re new to Airbnb. Simply sign up using this link and get $40 off your first stay. Note, at the time of writing it was $40, but Airbnb often changes the credit.

Airbnb Hack #2: Stay A Month If Possible

This Airbnb Hack works best if you’re a long term traveller. Staying for a month will yield the highest discounts. I have often seen places slash their monthly price by up to 50% if you happen to stay for a month. If a month isn’t possible, then try and stay for a week as you will still get a bit of a discount.

Airbnb Hack #3: Negotiate Price With Airbnb Host

This Airbnb Hack works for long stays of a month or more. A host will be much more likely to negotiate on price during low seasons. For example, winter in Europe, or the wet season in South East Asia. I have found that many Airbnb hosts will negotiate due to COVID19, as vacancy rates are extremely low in some countries (especially ones that are difficult to get into). You may get a further 15% off simply by writing a polite email. It pays to pick a few places you’re interested in, and contact them all for price negotiation.

I usually write something like this:

Hello, I am currently staying in City and noticed that the vacancy rates are currently very low due to COVID19. A number of places are offering further discounts and I was wondering any further discount could be offered with your place? 

Some hosts will refuse, stating that their price has already been reduced. However, you may just get lucky during a time of COVID19 or low seasons.

Airbnb Hack #4: Negotiate A Price Privately

This Airbnb Hack is only recommended if you have already been staying at the host’s accommodation already. Once a host has gained your trust, he/she is more likely to rent their place out privately to you at a lower rate.

For example, you might have stayed for a month already, and before your checkout date you can contact your host privately, e.g. via WhatsApp. You can then ask your host what discount they can offer if you were to stay for another month and renting privately (not through Airbnb). It helps if you tell them that you’ll leave an excellent review on Airbnb. Sometimes I have got another month for approximately 10-20% cheaper by renting privately off the host. This is because you avoid the Airbnb fees.

Airbnb Hack #5: Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points with Airbnb Stays

For those of you in Australia, did you know that you can earn Qantas points on your Airbnb stays? This Airbnb Hack will show you just how to do that. 

If you’re not already a member, you can sign up to Qantas Frequent Flyer for FREE using this link, instead of paying the usual membership joining fee of $99.50. 

Once a member, simply go to Qantas Hotels And Airbnb page and check the radio button to search for “Airbnb”.

airbnb hacks

You must use the Qantas booking site to get the points from Airbnb. I found that it can take up to 6 months for the points to show up in your account so you have to be patient. If you’re a long-term traveler then you could start earning yourself quite a bit of points! The points could then be used for future flights!

Airbnb Hack #6: If Alone Choose 2 Guests Instead of 1

This Airbnb Hack will get you an extra towel! If you are traveling alone, choose the option for 2 guests instead of one. However, first, you must ensure that the price is the same because some hosts will charge extra per guest. 

The reason for choosing an extra guest is that you are sometimes given an extra towel because they think another person is coming. In addition, it is a good idea to choose 2 guests if you’re going to have a friend stay over, that way there are no disputes if there is a strict “no guest” policy. This especially applies if you’re bringing home someone of the opposite sex in certain countries. 

Airbnb Hack #7: Always Ask What Type Of Internet Connection

This Airbnb Hack will ensure there is no frustration with unreliable or slow internet speeds. If a reliable internet connection is essential to you (e.g. working online), then it is important that you have a place with a reliable, fast internet connection without data quotas. The type of internet connection is often not specified in the description, so it pays to ask.

Firstly, avoid any places with “pocket wifi”, that is a pocket device with a cellular sim card in it. These are usually very unreliable compared to a cabled connection. I have had to change accommodation when discovering they used “pocket wifi”. Pocket wifi devices also usually come with prepaid quota, so if you use it all up then suddenly there is no more left. These pocket wifi devices are most commonly used in Airbnbs throughout south-east Asia. Many hosts do this to avoid having to pay for a dedicated cable/fiber line to be installed in the apartment.

Secondly, ask what connection speed the internet line is. If they don’t know, as them to visit and do a test. You don’t want anything less than 10mbps if possible, however, some parts of the world may not even have this. 

Thirdly, ask them if there are any data quotas. Many developing countries still have monthly data quotas limits. Once you use it all, then sometimes it’s not even possible to recharge for that month and you’re left with no internet.


I hope these Airbnb hacks have helped some of you save some money. If you haven’t already signed up to Airbnb you can do so with this link for $40 off your first stay. 


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